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  • optimizes

  • dynamizes

  • automatizes

  • contextualizes

your Facebook Ads and Google Adwords

Increase your campaigns’ results with Kamp’n Technology!

Why Kamp’n?

Use Kamp’n to save time and simplify the management of your campaigns while enhancing their performance.

Contextual advertising

Include external data like weather or sports events to contextualize your ads and boost your ROI

Artificial Intelligence

Use your own rules to optimize your campaigns, our AI will do the rest!

Dynamic and centralized reporting tools

Centralize all your Analytics data into dynamic dashboards and gain insights to help you concentrate on strategic decisions

Ad templating

Connect your product catalog or any other data feed to automatically create your ads

Data Driven Marketing

Adopt a data-driven approach for your Facebook Ads, Instagram and Google AdWords campaigns thanks to Kampn’s technology. Kamp’n connects your campaigns to your digital ecosystem and other open-data ressources thanks to more than 500 API marketing partners.

Kamp’n Social

Replace Facebook’s Business Manager by using Kamp’n Social interface to save time and be more productive in your Facebook and Instagram campaign management tasks.

Kamp’n Search

Use Kamp’n Search to connect your product catalog to your Google AdWords Search campaigns.


Manage your campaigns with the benefit of expert advice.


Equip your in-house team with Kamp’n Technology.

Any question?

Keep in touch, our team will contact you shortly!

You will be in good hands

Kamp’n helps companies and organizations to get to the next level!